Integrated Online Shop or Product Catalog

Planning to take your business Online?

In today's day and age, an online product catalogue is an essential second window display for your products and pricing. In Malta the popular trend is to window shop online first, and then purchase after. Where possible, the comfort of actually also purchasing online is also picking up. iLabMalta has been offering Online Product Catalogue and Online Shopping solutions for several years. Read on to see what we have to offer, what it entails, and what it will cost you.

Integrated with a Point of Sale System or not?

The ideal scenario is that your online catalogue or online shop is fully integrated with you Point of Sale system. This way, products are only inputted once in your Point of Sale System, and stock quantities available in your shop are continuosly syncronised with your online shop. Having stock quantities syncronised on the fly will save you the embarassment of selling online and then not having enough stock available.

iLabMalta offers the whole package. We can provide you with our Point of Sale System (iLabPOS), complete with hardware, and integrated with an online shop. If you are not interested in the investment for a Point of Sale System yet, then we can provide you with an online shop only. For those customers who already have a Point of Sale which is not iLabPOS, then full integration with our online shop will not be possible unless a major investment is carried out.

The two major advantages with an Integrated Online Shop are:

You input your products / update prices only once, and in only one System
Your online shop is kept up-to-date with stock quantities and the latest product information

nopCommerce eCommerce Portal

Rather than re-inventing the wheel, we have integrated iLabPOS with a leading open-source eCommerce platform called nopCommerce. The Platform has an incredible amount of features, but is also quite easy to use and understand. You can apply several themes to adapt to your preferred look and feel. It can also adapt to mobile devices.

Following are some of our clients currently running an eShop directly integrated with iLabPOS, all with the same backbone, just with a different Theme:

nopCommerce is used by 27,000 stores worldwide.

We'll get you going in a Couple of Days

What we are offering is already tried and tested. Naturally, preparing your online shop will take you alot of effort to collect pictures, product descriptions, collect products into sub-categories, etc... However our part is ready and waiting!

Do I need to be a programmer to manage it?

No. Most of our clients are like you. You need to be a little tech savvy of course, such as, capable of looking up a picture online and resizing it, but nothing major and nothing you are not able to learn. Furthermore we offer one to one hand-holding sessions for those who find it harder to startup.

How are other retailers doing with an online shop in Malta?

All our clients will tell you the same thing. People come to their shop because they saw a particular product on the website, and they liked the price. Maltese are still very hesitant to purchase online as they want to touch and feel. However the online catalogue still served it's purpose. What is important is that customers know that you sell a particular product, know that you have it in stock, and know how much it will cost them.

In recent times, the trend is also slowly changing. Actual online purchases are slowly on the increase, particularly with the introduction of several delivery services.

What will it cost?

Non Refundable Setup Fee - EUR 250 incl. VAT

Monthly Fee - EUR 35 incl. VAT
- includes hosting, support and up to 1 GB storage space
EUR 3 incl. VAT per month per extra GB of storage

SSL Certificate - EUR 75 incl. VAT per year (Mandatory if accepting online payments)
Credit Card Processing Plugin - EUR 99 incl. VAT (One time fee - Integrates with Trust Payments)
Domain Name Registration - Between EUR 15 and EUR 30 per year
One to One Assistance - EUR 25 incl. VAT per hour