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DC Line Cord for connecting a Level VI Power Supply PWR-BGA12V50W0WW to Mobile Computing (MCD) single slot cradles or battery chargers

€7.50 incl VAT

Zebra Level VI AC/DC Power Supply

Level VI AC/DC Power Supply (Brick) - AC Input: 100-240V, 2.4A - DC Output: 12V, 4.16A, 50W - Requires DC Cable and country specific three-wire grounded (C13) AC Line Cord both sold separately - Replacement for PWRS-14000-148C, PWRS-14000-148R and ST1050

€40.09 incl VAT

Single Slot USB and Charging Cradle - TC20, TC25

Single Slot USB and Charging Cradle - TC20, TC25 - Does not support RFD2000 RFID Sled - Optional USB to Ethernet Module Kit (KT-TC51-ETH1-01) can be purchased to convert to an ethernet enabled cradle - Requires USB Cable (25-124330-01R) for PC connection, Power Supply (PWR-BGA12V50W0WW), DC Cable (CBL-DC-388A1-01) and country specific three-wire grounded (C13) AC Line Cord, all sold separately

€114.53 incl VAT

TC20 / TC25 Plus Snap on Trigger Handle

Snap On Trigger Handle - TC20, TC25 - Only compatible with TC20Plus or TC25Plus configurations (units with SE4710 scan engine and 2-pin I/O door) or TC20 RFID Ready configurations (8-pin I/O door) - Charge contacts and USB-C port on bottom of TC2X remain exposed to provide for charging/communications with 5-Slot and 1-Slot cradles - Blocks the view of the rear facing camera - Can be used with optional Wrist Tether Strap (50-12500-066)

€185.00 incl VAT

Honeywell Mobile Computer Bases, Chargers & Cradles

Kit includes Dock, Power Supply and EU Power Cord. For recharging computer & battery. Supports USB client via USB Type B connector. (USB Type B to Type A cable (321-576-004) sold separately).

UK/Malta Power cord not included (Kettle Lead)

€244.86 incl VAT

TYSSO BCP8000 Portable Data Collector

BCP-8000 is a battery operated, portable data collector with the handy look-up function added. Equipped with a high quality laser engine, the ergonomic-built data terminal offers its users with efficiency and comfort, and is ideal for long periods of use. Its 1700mAh Lithium-ion battery guarantees at least 24 hours of operation time. In addition, BCP-8000 provides a user friendly job generator utility. The users are able to create their desired applications without having to write a single line of code, ensuring that the once incomprehensible development process becomes distinct and effortless.

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€395.00 incl VAT €375.00 incl VAT