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Easy to Use, Shop Proven POS Software Since 2004. iLabPOS has been written specifically for the Maltese retailer. Affordable and as Robust as the Best. iLabPOS allows you to maintain full control over your sales and stock, whilst providing you with an easy and user friendly interface. During the last 10 years, over 150 shops in Malta have chosen iLabPOS as their POS system. The software has been strengthened and improved to meet all the important requirements of a small to medium retail business in Malta and Gozo.
Why should you choose iLabPOS?

- Already Accepted by the VAT Department in Malta
- User friendly interface and very easy to use
- In use for over 10 years, making it a stable product
- Used by over 100 retail outlets in Malta and Gozo
- Affordable to buy and to maintain
- Organise your shop by printing labels
- Manage your stock quantities with ease
- Save hundreds of euros on lost/mishandled stock
- Facilitate VAT and Accounting
- If you have a PC already its cheaper than a cash register
- Customizable on Request
iLabPOS is currently used by Clothes Shops, Appliances, Mobile and Technology Retail, Mini Markets, Nutrition Outlets and Grocers, Detergent Shops, Bars and Cinemas, Mechanics and Auto-Parts, Jewellers, Pharmacies, Adventure Shops, Wholesalers and several other business areas.

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Key Features of iLabPOS


iLabPOS offers touch screen functionality and you can easily create buttons for easy access to popular products

Show your logo and custom text on customer receipts, invoices, vouchers, quotes and statements. Customise the way you want to display your receipts with a number or predefined templates.

Add, edit and remove stock articles with ease. Insert the barcode, article ref code, description, supplier, stock category and tax. Assign up to five selling prices to the article, insert the cost and you will be displayed with the profit margins. You can include additional data such as shelf, size, colour and reorder quantities.

Do you have products with multiple sizes, colours or other variants? Quickly create multiple variants from an existing article maintaining the same details except for the barcode, size and colour.

You can bundle your products together in various ways to form new products, with different prices.

Apart from barcode driven sales, you can use the POS to print barcodes stickers with product description and selling price.

You can grant discounts on cash sales either on specific products, or a percentage discount or a specific amount. Specific customers can be granted a discount percentage beforehand. You can also limit the amount of discount each salesperson can give.

Use reports to check low stock items and use purchase order module to reorder goods and keep track of the order status. You can also extract low stock items to excel and upload the items to be ordered via template.

Check product levels at other stores from the POS. Order items from other locations, generate a transfer out from the dispatching location and automatically transfer in the stock when accepting the stock at the receiving location.

Quickly generate full or partial stock-takes. iLabPOS also includes data collector apps that allow you to walk around the shop with a data collector and upload the results when you dock it in.

Track your stock ... Check stock-on-hand in multiple locations in real time, be aware of slow stock and articles that you are running out of.

Easily add new customers at the point-of-sale. Check client purchase history, issue vouchers, check points balances, and points redeemed.

Build loyalty through programs that reward your customers’ purchases. Display loyalty points balances on your customer receipts that can be redeemed against selected products or cash discounts.
Transform your business into an online store by easily adding pictures and product descriptions and pushing your products to the web.
Know your performance with a number of reports. Apart from daily sales and VAT reports the system gives you access to over 40 reports which can be printed or exported to a spreadsheet.

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iLabPOS - Screen Shots

Login Screen

Manual Article Selection

Saving Cash Sale


Main Screen

Article Management

Article Details

Points and Offers

Purchases (Transfer In)

Transfer in Sheet

Article Stock History

Returns (Transfer out)

Sales History / Search


Client Details

Client Default Discount

Quote History / Reprint

Article Quick View

Supplier Database

Delivery Notes Management

Touch Screen Sales

Report List

Itemised Sales Report

User Management