Whenever you hear the name DYMO®, it's impossible not to think of labels… all kinds of labels. DYMO is committed to providing innovative solutions for accomplishing tasks people do every day. They offer a range of office, warehouse, worksite and home products including a wide range of label makers and printers for use in commercial settings, offices, homes and classrooms. DYMO products provide a great way to keep things organized and managed with proper identification.




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DYMO D1 Label Cassette Original 45806 19mm Black on Blue

Tape Width: 19mm
Adhesive: Standard
Black on Blue

€19.00 incl VAT

DYMO D1 Label Cassette Original 45807 19mm Black on Red

Tape Width: 19mm
Adhesive: Standard
Black on Red

€19.00 incl VAT

Dymo Original 11356 89mm x 41mm x 300 Labels

White name badges (300 per roll) for use with Labelwriter EL60, LW310, LW320, LW330, LW400, LW450, Twin, Duo, 4XL
Part No: S0722560
Colour: White
Tape Width: 89x41mm
Adhesive: Removable
Also known as: 11356
€19.50 incl VAT

Dymo Original 11354 32mm x 57mm x 1000 Labels

Multi purpose labels (1000 per roll)

Part No: S0722540
Colour: White
Tape Width: 57x32mm
Adhesive: Removable
Also known as: 11354
€24.50 incl VAT

DYMO Rhino 6MM Yellow Heat Shrink Tubing (18052)

Identify and protect your wire and cables!
Looking for a non-adhesive yet permanent solution to identify and protect your wire and cables at the same time? DYMO’s heat shrink polyolefin tubes provide clean and permanent marking for a wide range of cable diameters. These sleeves are applied before connection and can be permanently positioned after connection when shrunk with a heat-gun.


3:1 shrink ratio
Conforms tightly to the wire when heat is applied
Heat-shrinkable polyolefin
Does not smudge or fade when printed.
The legend remains legible even after exposure to abrasion,cleaning solvents or industrial fluids
Flame retardant
MIL-DTL-23053/5 classes 1 and 3

€28.00 incl VAT

Dymo Original 99011 28mm x 89mm x 4 x 130 Labels S0722380

4 Rolls of address labels with permanent adhesive, in 4 different pastel colours
Blue, Yellow, Pink and Green

Part No: S0722380
Colour: Assorted
Tape Width: 89x28mm
Adhesive: Permanent
Also known as: 99011
€34.90 incl VAT

DYMO M5 Weighing Scales (5Kgs)

With the compact, accurate DYMO M5 Digital USB Postal Scale, you can weigh envelopes, packages and similar items. Weigh envelopes and packages up to 5kg (11lb) on the 20cm x 20cm (7.9” x 7.9”) platform.

The DYMO M5’s LCD screen displays weight in easy-to-read digital format – in kg/g (0 kg 000g) or lbs/oz (0 lb 00.0 oz). The LED illuminated “hold” feature continues to display the weight for eight seconds after you remove your envelope or package - perfect for weighing larger items that block your view of the display.

The tare function lets you weigh items in a container without including the container weight. The automatic shut-off feature conserves batteries when the scale is not in use. And at just 23.4cm L x 21.1cm W x 4.5cm H, the DYMO M5 fits in the busiest workspace and stores neatly in most desk drawers.

€72.00 incl VAT