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Mobilis Capacitive Stylus for Smartphone & Tablet

Capacitive Stylus Matte Black Universal : compatible with all capacitive touchscreens (tablets/smartphones) and screen protectors
€7.00 incl VAT


DC Line Cord for connecting a Level VI Power Supply PWR-BGA12V50W0WW to Mobile Computing (MCD) single slot cradles or battery chargers

€7.50 incl VAT


Zebra USB-C to USB-A Communications and Charging Cable for use with the Zebra Handhelds and Power Supplies, 1 Meter.
€8.00 incl VAT

1 x Zebra Enterprise SG-TC7X-STYLUS-03 Stylus with Tether

Made of conductive carbon-filled plastic material, this Rigid plastic stylus is optimized for enterprise durability. Clip and tether point to reduce loss.

€12.00 incl VAT


Tempered Glass Screen Protector - 1 Pack - TC20, TC25

€14.48 incl VAT

ZEBRA CBL-DC-381A1-01 DC Power Cable

DC Line Cord for running multi-slot cradles from a single level VI power supply
€21.50 incl VAT

Zebra TC21/TC26 Hand Strap

Strap attaches to back of TC21/TC26.

Leather and Hypalon Pad provides maximum comfort and wear resistance.
Adjustable Velcro design accomodates various hand sizes.
Not compatible with Snap-on accessories (Trigger Handle).
Compatible with devices using Standard or Extended Capacity battery.

€22.00 incl VAT

Zebra 5V, 2.5A Power Supply with UK/Malta plug for USB

Wall Charger Power Supply 100-240V AC, 5V, 2.5A with UK and Ireland plug for use with USB/Charge Cables (CBL-TC51-USB1-01 or CBL-MC93-USBCHG-01) and USB-C Cables (CBL-TC2X-USBC-01 or CBL-TC5X-USBC2A-01) - MC93, TC20, TC25, TC51, TC52, TC56, TC57

€23.50 incl VAT


Protech TPU case for TC20/TC25 (non-keypad versions)
€28.00 incl VAT

ProTech Case for CT60/CT50

052017 Mobilis Protech Pack reinforced protective case for Honeywell Dolphin CT50/CT60
€35.00 incl VAT

Zebra Level VI AC/DC Power Supply

Level VI AC/DC Power Supply (Brick) - AC Input: 100-240V, 2.4A - DC Output: 12V, 4.16A, 50W - Requires DC Cable and country specific three-wire grounded (C13) AC Line Cord both sold separately - Replacement for PWRS-14000-148C, PWRS-14000-148R and ST1050

€40.09 incl VAT

Fabric holster for Zebra MC2X00 gun configurations

Fabric holster, secures to a belt or a shoulder strap. Requires belt or shoulder strap.

Compatible with the Zebra MC2200/MC3000/MC3100 series.

€57.00 incl VAT