iLabPOS - POS Software Support


One of the major headaches when purchasing a POS System is whether you are going to get the support you need in case of software/hardware issues. iLabMalta has been suporting iLabPOS since 2004, and we intend to keep our promise in providing continuos and reliable aftersales support. Read ahead to see what we have to put your mind at rest.

1 Year Support Agreement

Paying the yearly fee for emergency support is not compulsory. However if you want peace of mind and cost effectiveness, check our pricing page for a yearly support agreement.

How much will support cost me?

More than 80% of our customers spend less than EUR 50 per year on support (Per shop, as in some cases clients run the software in up to 5 shops, where of course support need increases).


New versions of iLabPOS are released twice a year. We put in alot of effort and manpower in developing new features, so updates come at a charge. Check our pricing page for more info.

Onsite Support

We do onsite support at an hourly charge, with a mininum charge of 1 hour. If you have an agreement, we will deduct 1 hour from your balance.

Offsite Support

Offsite support via remote desktop is charged with the normal support hourly rate, and with a mininum charge of 15 minutes. If you have an agreement, we will deduct the time from your balance.

Email Support

Email support is free for those who pay the 1 year support agreement. Email is usually the first line of support for problems which are not that urgent. You can also report bugs via email. Email support is not provided if you do not have an agreement.


For support agreement holders, we will be ocassionaly reminding you and checking your backups.

Phone Support

Usually we try to avoid support via telephone, however when necessary, we also do it.

Support Hours

Winter (October - May) Monday to Friday from 9:00am till 4:00pm
Summer (June - September) Monday to Friday from 9:00am till 3:00pm

What to do when you have a problem.

If you have a problem with iLabPOS which is urgent best is to call us on the numbers we provide you when you purchase the system. If you do not manage to get through, try the emergency number or send us an SMS/Email.